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Jun 30, 2011

Caption Contest and Working on a Story

For those readers who are unaware, I have been periodically updating the google docs file. So it sometimes changes a few times during the week.

Hey readers,
I am a little bummed that I have only received 3 submissions so far. I am really hoping to have some more caps before I post them all and maybe let you the readers of this blog vote on your favorite.

However, in the mean time, I am working on a new story and am really looking for ideas to help.
The premise:
Our victim Geoff is going through a reconditioning program in which his body is being feminized but he is oblivious to the changes until his captors decide it is time for the big reveal. They are giving him drugs which is shifting a lot of his body weight into his hips/ass and leaving him severely weakened. The objective is that after the reveal they threaten him with harsh punishments to force him to obey their wishes (ie eventually they will give him breast implants and at one point he will be punished and they will go from a B-cup to like an E-cup or they will give him VERY swollen lips etc) I need some creative punishments, scenarios and the like for Geoff (who I am thinking will be named Dolly Diklipz by the end).

Geoff-victim (3rd person story perspective)
Freshman college student moving into apartment
6' tall, 200 lbs, short brown hair, not too concerned with his looks or impressing others. relatively conservative politically and sexually
Christy-apartment/salon owner and main antagonist
Tim-gay neighbor and facilitator of Christy's plan
Sam-gay neighbor
Sam was a straight college student but was reconditioned a few years ago into Tim's submissive boyfriend and is being conditioned to also facilitate the transformation. Part time tv bartender. Geoff met femme Sam when he visited the bar one evening but is currently unaware that femme Sam and boy Sam are the same person.
Theresa-Christy's protege. Was her nephew who willingly allowed Christy to transform him into a hot-bodied dominant shemale.

Main idea, Christy is subtly changing Geoff but his conditioning keeps him from seeing the changes as anything out of the ordinary and his body is getting thinner and weaker and over time he is having sexual responses to being humiliated and degraded. Starts subtle at first otherwise it could be too much and he could fight the conditioning. No forced sex until transformation is complete. Will still be attending freshman year classes. Is declared an engineer, but freshman classes are relatively universal which opens the possibility for change of major.

Geoff will only be partially reconditioned in that he will have to do certain things... such as referring to himself as his new femme name in the 3rd person when he speaks and always with a smile on his face. He obeys Christy, Tim, Sam and others out of fear of being punished: physical modifications are initially minor (b-cup breasts) but his captors are swift to punish severely (inflated lips, MASSIVE tits etc). They tell him that if he complies they will undo it all (but of course that is a lie) and if he tries to facilitate escape they will take away his cock. Also, while he gets horny from normal means, he is also sexually stimulated by being humiliated/degraded and such. Eventually, he can only achieve sexual release through penetration and having a man cum inside of him (anal or oral doesnt matter, but facials dont count)

I have two lingering questions:
A) who ends up owning Geoff? Theresa or Tim and Sam
B) Initially Geoff only receives Breast implants as some of the drugs Geoff is taking are fattening his hips and ass, but what other initial mods should be done? (tattoos/piercings etc) I would really appreciate some creativity with this as I have some ideas but am looking for a few things outside of the box.

The link to the story is over in the links section on the right column of the blog.
I have set it up so you anyone with the link can read but not edit... So please comment with ideas or send directly to fifiswishypansyfag@gmail.com

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the story and help me out.


  1. hmm I have to say that I rather enjoy the story, the whole premise gets me all hot and bothered. That said, I do have some ideas as per your request; basically I think it would be amazing if Geoff would be turned into a super slutty bimbo along these lines http://www.flickr.com/photos/49844867@N07/4577862728/in/photostream
    obviously you could go the route of simply having such ludicrous makeup tattooed on. Furthermore I think that Geoff should be heavily tattooed, but with a catch: basically all of the tattoos are sissy themed, from the innocuous girly tattoos (ferries, angel wings etc,) to the explicit; perhaps a pink bow tattooed on his pubic region, the word "sissy" on the inside of his lip; "sissy slave" as a tramp stamp etc.
    As for piercings, you could go the classic girly route: tongue, naval ears. But maybe some that highlight his sissified status, like on on his ball sack would also be nice.
    just some thoughts, as you're story is going in the right direction, it's always tricky to find some good sissy stories.

  2. I'd like to see Geoff being owned by Sam at the end of things, just because she was the first one verbally attacked.

    As for tattoos I think Geoff should have the Sissy slave as his tramp stamp. Then also when he gets his E cups possibly have BIMBO one one and SISSY on the other to always remind him. As for piercing how about some nipple rings and other sissy piercing.

    Also think Geoff should initiate some of the changes on his own. Like finding dildos etc around his apartment and using them. Maybe more from the mental conditioning.

    Well that's it for now. Great start to the story Candie!!

  3. I've finished reading the story and can't wait for you to continue it. I love Geoff being renamed Dolly Diklipz, and how humiliating Geoff's transformation is becoming.

    So a few ideas for future punishments/changes:

    Maybe Dolly should have to practice stretching to increase his flexibility, leading to him being forced to give himself BJ's for practice.

    An old idea I've wanted to use in one of my own stories, but have never gotten the chance, might add a humiliating addition to Dolly's future breast enlargement. Instead of traditional breast implants, Dolly's implants might be constructed to have a rigid solid silicone base with a heavy weight embedded in the front of the implant. The effect would be that Dolly's breasts would be both unusually perky and off balance, making them slosh around and bounce up and down much more than normal. She would be popping out of bras and tube tops constantly.

    A tattoo idea would be to tattoo Dolly's lower back with his own Face and neck, using his butt cheeks as breasts and cleavage.

    Also, I rarely see glow in the dark makeup used in stories and that opens lots of possible options.

    Anyway, just a few ideas, I have plenty others. Love the story so far.

  4. Love your new chapters! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite stories. I love all the little humiliating details you go into, like the Fagmobile, the bumper sticker, the cellphone or the business cards. It's the little details that really flesh everything out and make Dolly's situation worse and worse. I also like how you are using internet social sites to further humiliate him.

    Thanks for mentioning my tattoo idea!

    The only small issue I saw was that the part with the first professor was repeated, just a minor editing issue. Other than that, your writing quality is excellent.

    Now a few more ideas for punishments, if you are still interested:

    A place in Holland has developed little metal implants for the eyes. Like a little metal heart or star in the white of the eye, something like that. It's surprisingly non-invasive or painful and can be done in a few minutes. They don't move and are apparently permanent, but quite small, so only someone kissing you would see them. Dolly could have little letters inserted as a minor demerit, eventually spelling out his new name or something equally humiliating. It would be there every time he applied his lipstick or eyeliner, unless that becomes a permanent tattoo.

    And just in case you haven't already decided on a Tramp Stamp for Dolly, I thought you might have Dolly tattooed with a trigger phrase, so that anyone who sees it and reads it out loud will cause Dolly to automatically react to the phrase. There are obviously endless possibilities.

    For example, the words "Spread'Em Dolly" could be tattooed on him, and that trigger forces Dolly to keep his legs spread wide when he sits down for the rest of the day or something.

    Or maybe he could have the word "CUMSTAIN" tattooed on, and when read aloud it forces him to cum instantly, staining his panties and skirt in public.

    That's it for now.

    Again, great story! I hope you plan to continue it for many more chapters, as I love well done revenge stories, and yours is already awesome!