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Oct 10, 2010

And the Results of the Polls has Arrived

I apologize if this is not very good.  It felt a little rushed and not as polished as my last ones, but I was a little disappointed that nobody helped with any comments.  I wanted to do at least one more set of polls, but I didn't get the feedback I had hoped for.

So, I would really appreciate any feedback on the whole vote-a-caption idea for the future. (i.e. did you like the idea? what could I do differently next time? should there even be another vote-a-caption? etc)


  1. That was really good, you used everything given and made it work. The cutting-off scene was powerful.

    I think that this was cool and that you should do it again. My suggestion is to use some of the polls that were used for this vote-a-caption, but remove the most-voted options. It'll be interesting, no?

    Maybe polls for the conclusion or plot development too.

  2. I think the idea is solid and the result was definitely a good caption. I do feel like you may have lost people a bit with the number of polls before the payoff.

  3. Voting is fine, but too many/too specific votes dilutes everything.

  4. Let me preface the following by saying that I don't want, in any way, to discourage you from making captions. In fact, I want to do the exact opposite - make it so that you make as many of the captions I'm used to seeing from you as possible. Here it goes - I don't like the voting for captions. Although I can see why you came up with the idea - it sounds like a good idea to have the audience participate - I think it takes away from the spontaneity and surprise that we all love in a good caption. I can tell you that part of what makes me look forward to your next caption is that i have no idea whats coming, and participating in voting and seeing the caption gradually develop kills that for me. Let me put it to you this way - if i looked at every single one of your captions and was asked to pick my top ten, these latest poll captions wouldn't have a single spot. i would however choose captions like "Salon Visit", "Read the Contract (1+2)", "Bad at Math", etc. These are not just my favorite captions of yours' but literally some of my all time favs. Please i beg you to tap into the same inspiration that caused you to make those gems if that's still a possibility. I'm eagerly waiting as I'm sure many of us are even if we don't comment. I hope this helps :)