Welcome to my caption blog. I am a hopeless sissy-wannabe and loved reading forced feminization and sissification captions from others. I finally found the inspiration to do my own. For those of you wondering, yes, I did have another blog and am swapping over to this one.
I would appreciate comments from you all, especially critical ones so I can find out what you all like and dislike; but to be honest, these are my fantasies and some things won't change.
So, please enjoy, and please comment so I do not feel like I am posting for no reason.
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Oct 3, 2010

Another Item to Vote on. And please submit ideas for next poll

 So, since our victim is going to be a fag exclusively to men:
Who is his/her date for whatever event he/she seems to be going to?
Gay Classmate
His apartment/dorm roommate
Member of a Fraternity that is predominantly gay
A total stranger that our captor knows
His/Her new pimp
Also, it looks like our victim is dressed up for some fancy event.  Who is there?
It is a surprise party with his friends and family present
A gay frat party
Just a bunch of friends that our captor knows
Going to a gay club
Lastly, since Hypnosis won out on the last polls, I need some ideas on hypnotic conditioning.  Ideas like he is unable to achieve sexual release without being anally penetrated, or cannot refer to himself in any other way but in the third person.  Ideas that will certainly humiliate and degrade our victim.  Also, I may decide on a name myself, but would love some ideas, and if I get enough good ones, I may have a poll for that as well… the more humiliating the better.


  1. I think it has to be the new pimp, keeping an eye one his new investment and ensuring that the sissy is destroyed in the eyes of family/friends so that they give up any thought of resistance to the slutty new life! x