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Sep 9, 2011

Totally Different Topic: Computer Issue

Hey all.
I know this is completely not related to my normal blog material, but I started having a problem with my computer recently and was looking to see if there are any people smarter than me that can help.
Periodically (at least once a day) I will not be able to load new internet pages. My messenger still works and if I am in a chat room, there is no interuption; but if i have to start new things like the iTunes store or any kind of new webpage, it will not load. I am running Win& with Microsoft Security Essentials and browsing on Chrome.
I am running a wireless network consisting of my one computer and a few other items on a netgear router, and I have tried using other browsers during the down time, but they do not work either.
If anyone can help, PLEASE contact me. Either comment here, or IM me on YahooIM at sissifyme220.
Thank you for any help!


  1. I assume you meant that you are running Windows 7, and that you have already ran a malware/antivirus program to no avail.

    I'm not as familiar with Win 7 as XP, but I might be able to help you.

    A few questions though, when you lose the ability to load new pages, for how long do these periods typically last? A few minutes or a few hours?

    You mentioned messenger and chat still working during these periods of inactivity. Does your email still work, or do you only use a free online account provider (gmail, hotmail, etc.)? MS Outlook might still be able to send and receive email during these periods, for example.

    Also, have you tried to connect directly to the internet with an Ethernet cable, bypassing your wireless router, and if so, did the periods of inactivity continue to happen or not.

    I suspect the problem lies in your wireless network, or that there is a port issue, especially since you can still use messenger or chat.

    Anyway, I have fixed a fair number of networking issues at my last few jobs, but mostly with Vista and XP systems. But I might still be able to help or at least narrow down what is causing your problem.

  2. Windows 7. I was actually having the problem for a few weeks. I had already decided to reformat and reinstall windows so I did that and reinstalled most of my normal software but I still had the issue. It comes and goes, usually lasting about 20minutes i would guess. For email, i just use gmail... no outlook or thunderbird.
    I have bypassed the router and it would work when i plugged in directly to the modem.

  3. Unfortunately, it sounds like the router is either starting to fail or it is getting over heated from time to time.

    It depends on the router you have, but you might try putting the router in a vertical position or in front of a small fan, to aid heat distribution. If it is just a periodic overheating issue, this may solve your problems.

    Otherwise, it may be time to replace your router altogether.

    I had thought your router settings might be causing you the trouble, but since your inactivity problems are both fairly often and yet only last for a short period of time, I tend to think the router is just going bad or overheating.

    Have you tried to connect directly to the router during these problem periods?

  4. Thanks for your help. I think it was a mix of my router over-heating, but there may have also been a problem with my wifi card. But, it seems to be working better now.

  5. Well, that's good news then.

    Glad to help.