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Aug 28, 2011

Next Caption Contest

Hi all.
I am really hoping that the amount of votes from the most recent poll will translate to an increase in participants in the new contest.
So, if you haven't seen, it was a very close race between pics 2 and 5; it bounced back-and-forth between the two but in the end, 2 took the win. I may utilize 5 in the next caption contest if there is more involvement this time around.
Personally, I am glad pic 2 was chosen; but for the next contest, I want to add a little stipulation to the story content, just to make things a bit more uniform and slightly more interesting (for me that is). Our captive cock-sucker's boy name must be Geoff (for those of you who don't know, that is the more proper spelling of the name Jeff). You can make his new femme name be whatever you like. On the other side, the queen in front of whom he kneels is Mistress Tia. Quite obviously, she is a dominant t-gurl; whether or not Geoff knew of this before hand is completely up to you. Other than the characters' names, I leave the rest of the caption up to you. If you click on the pic in this post, it will give you the biggest version of the pic I have available (resizing the image is perfectly ok).

I hope you all have fun and I hope for more than just 5 submissions. Again, I really don't have a defined time-table for this, but I would appreciate getting submissions as quickly as possible. When submissions calm down, I will give a warning a few days before I end the submissions and post the new contest.

I will do a custom cap for the winner of this contest and that will be up to the winner to come up with ideas (and even a picture if they so choose). But, for now, good luck and I hope to see plenty of participation.

Send all submissions to fifiswishypansyfag@gmail.com
Please include a title, your name (doesn't have to be a real name if you prefer), and any blog or website that you may want me to link to.

1 comment:

  1. Count me in, hon . . . #5 was definitely my fave, but #2 is hot in a whole other way. :)