Welcome to my caption blog. I am a hopeless sissy-wannabe and loved reading forced feminization and sissification captions from others. I finally found the inspiration to do my own. For those of you wondering, yes, I did have another blog and am swapping over to this one.
I would appreciate comments from you all, especially critical ones so I can find out what you all like and dislike; but to be honest, these are my fantasies and some things won't change.
So, please enjoy, and please comment so I do not feel like I am posting for no reason.
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Mar 17, 2013

Weekend Update

Hey all,
First off, I don't know how noticeable it will be, but am utilizing a different profile name, shifting to a newer email address.

I have felt bad recently with my lack of posting and lack of new material. Unfortunately, this post will not fix that.
This weekend, I was kept kind of busy by one of my captioning friends Jenny Valentine. She needed some help to update her material and I happily obliged, so be sure to check out her material on her Tumblr page. She even created some captions starring yours truly.

Dolly Diklipz

I hope you all find her work as great as me.
Also, I was working with some of my friends at Bimbo's Sanctuary my good friend, the notorious author... dunt dun done... Wholeman; sent me some hi-rez versions of a caption pair she had done for me and I don't think ever made it to my blog. So, I hope you enjoy this as well.
Candi Cox

Well, that is all for today. I hope I can come up with something new in the near-future; but in the mean time, I hope you will enjoy these.


  1. Damn! I might just have to find some Patron de Familia to get on the bad side of if the comeuppance yields results like this! (i can learn to fake being impressed with the crew's unimpressive equipment long enough to get some embarrassing evidence on them and negotiate my completion!) ... (well, maybe?)

    Beautiful gurl, Dolly!!!

  2. i wish that would happen tom