Welcome to my caption blog. I am a hopeless sissy-wannabe and loved reading forced feminization and sissification captions from others. I finally found the inspiration to do my own. For those of you wondering, yes, I did have another blog and am swapping over to this one.
I would appreciate comments from you all, especially critical ones so I can find out what you all like and dislike; but to be honest, these are my fantasies and some things won't change.
So, please enjoy, and please comment so I do not feel like I am posting for no reason.
Also, to see larger images, simply click on the photo you want to see.

Dec 23, 2015

Number 6

Welcome to your regularly scheduled dump of the Haha and Dolly Caption project

Also, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and safe travel.

Haha Big Loser

And from Haha, we have Gone for Months 

Dec 19, 2015

Caption Swap number 5

Here we go with our 5th captions of the project and I enjoyed what we were doing. It has been helping me be creative even though I have been running out of plot ideas.

Haha at the Park

Geoff the Raver

Dec 16, 2015

The Third and Fourth swap captions

I am posting these together because we both created two-part caption offerings

Haha Stiffed!

And from HahaPrincess we have: 
Geoff's Bad Decision 

Geoff's Nightmare

Dec 12, 2015

The Second Haha/Dolly Collaboration

As the title suggests, this is the second set of captions created by myself and HahaPrincess
I thought about doing this once a week, but I think I will post on Saturday and Wednesday in the future.

Haha Revenge On the Nerds

And the offering from HahaPrincess: Elanor the Model

Dec 5, 2015

1st Dolly/Haha Collaboration

So here are the first captions done with my collaboration with HahaPrincess.

I know I said I might post the plot ideas for caps, but I have actually lost the notes with some of the older ones.

So first up is mine. I titled it Haha Steve is Trapped

And HahaPrincess titled their caption Sherry the Camgurl

Dec 2, 2015

On a comeback

Wow, it has been ages since I updated this site and want to apologize for letting it languish for so long. For those of you not following me on deviant art, I can finally celebrate getting back into captioning.
I started a project with a fellow captioner named HaHaPrincess. Basically, we pick a photo for each other and give a little inspiration for a plot/idea we want to see and I think it has gone really well. I was thinking about putting all the pictures here in one glorious burst; but I figure it might be more fun to string them out a bit. I will probably post captions in pairs of what we each came up with... I can even post the ideas we gave each other if there is interest in that (leave comments).
So, beginning tomorrow, there will be new-to-the-blog content and I hope you enjoy it.
I will probably also post my caps on tumblr about the same time.

Apr 1, 2015

Leila Gets Tricked

A Caption for Leila Stoat's trick trade. Not my usual, but hope it's still good.

Mar 12, 2015

Still not Dead

Hey all,

Still not dead; however, I did hit a little snag. I was updating the graphics card and adding a new HDD to my computer. In the chaos of this event, somehow my external HDD became unformatted. I am working on recovery currently, I still do not know how much data will be lost, I am hoping that my collection of pix and art and such is still accessible. Wish me luck

It looks like, after running recovery, the vast majority of data has been recovered. HOWEVER, the folder structure and file naming as mostly been removed. This means I have to go through my files and manually reorganize them, which will take a lot of time I did not want to spend on this. At least the data is all there, but it will take some time before I am back to anywhere close to normal.

Feb 24, 2015

I SWEAR I am not dead

Hi everybody,

Sorry about seemingly dropping off the edge of the world for so long.

The primary reason I have been dead is that, for several months, I did not have a computer that facilitated captioning, and I was a bad sissy and did not update my blog to keep anyone interested. I have done a few captions for some friends' blogs. Some of you may have seen them on Elena's blog. I want to apologize for being gone for so long. I do plan on getting back into it all sometime, I have just been a bit distracted with other life things. My first step is to post my most recent captions here. I was planning on going through and reformatting the blog because I noticed the pix from my older posts were no longer here; I am assuming blogger had some kind of data cap. However, this plan is changing. I think some of you may know that blogger is no longer going to allow the hosting of explicit material. The will not allow people to blindly wander to blogs through google searches and such. Because this is the case, I was hoping to post somewhere more conducive to these materials. Does anyone know of any good places to go? I do have a tumblr account, but I kind of like these blog formats better as long as I can find a place to host my captions and link to (which I will probably do from my deviantArt account. So... if anyone has any ideas/suggestions, please message me.

And... without further ado,

Sep 3, 2014

Hiya All... Help me choose a new look.

Hey there. It has been a LONG time since I last posted something on here and just wanted to assure you all that I am not dead. Just been busy with a few things. I am actually on here hoping to get some feedback and comments and such from my followers/visitors. I started taking a 'Dramatic Stage Makeup' class this week that is taught by a local dragqueen. I am hoping to learn quite a bit. In preparation for it, my friend Taylor (a fantastic author on Fictionmania who wrote the story College Changes a Boy) sent me a new outfit to wear. It was really nerve-wracking for me because I am really beginning down this new path of trying to shirk off my normal masculine identity and transition more towards something twink/femboi.

So... here is the outfit Taylor sent me
What I am asking from you all is... how should I change my hair? I feel like I need to do something new to really push me forward so I am really wanting to have my hair dyed and restyled but I am not sure what to do. Keeping in mind that I do have a professional dayjob (so it cannot be too strange), what would you suggest for new hair color/style.

If you have any other comments on things you think I should have done, please give me those ideas too. And any other general comments you want to leave.

Thanks for your help and comments... also, a bonus pic of the shirt with some other stuff I had lying around: