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Dec 22, 2012


This is a follow up post to two previous posts.

I had two responses from my question about the story I had posted before. That have lead me to ask a new question. Since taking down my original story, I have worked on it quite a bit, from beginning to end: adding bits and pieces to improve continuity and exposition to extending it a bit. The reason I have asked about the previous content is that I am working with a friend on publishing the content. I cannot go in to detail, but we would like to publish it on a site that is developing as a pay story (in the same format as Lustomic). We are worried that we may get some backlash from those interested in reading the finished story, but have already read a substantial amount of the content for free. The problem is that I do not want what few followers I have to feel betrayed. We do not want someone to purchase the story and regret it and ask for a refund (which would cost us much more to process and such than just simply giving the money back). I do want to ensure you that there has been some added content and the plan is for illustrations to accompany the story. This leads to two problems, I really wish I knew how many people read my story, I have never had THAT strong of a following on my blog so I do not know how disseminated the story was. The second, I want to know, how offended would you be by having to purchase the final version. I would appreciate any feedback so we can come up with some suitable solutions.

All right. Now for part 2. I have had a few more generous captioners create fantastic work for me at Rachel's Haven. I would highly suggest people interested in all types of captions to check the site out.

Dolly Dickslut by XxDarrellxX

Open for Business by Terri

The Creation of Sindy Swallows by Shauna Marie

Last Chance for the Maid by wraithstrike


  1. Sorry, meant to comment on this days ago and totally forgot!

    Now personally, I'm happy that you've continued to work on the story and improve it. I certainly wouldn't hold anything against you for trying to make a buck on it either, it's your content after all.

    Given that I've read a substantial portion of the story already, if you were to finish it and post it on a paysite, I wouldn't be upset or demand a refund.

    Though I do doubt that I'd ever pay for it. Nothing personal, I really love your stories, but I've always been very hesitant to buy things online, especially related to my fetish interests.

    But don't let that discourage you from posting the story, either. I'm quite certain that you have an audience out there waiting to buy your stuff. There aren't that many quality humiliation-themed TG writers out there, and I'm sure there is a larger demand than one would expect. Your stories are distinctive and erotic, and I fully encourage you to try your hand at going commercial with them.

    But after you post the story, please update this blog to let us all know how it worked out. I've been thinking of trying to make an ebook of my own for a while, but I'm just not certain if it would be worth the effort in terms of money and audience. I'd love to see how successful you end up.

    Best wishes, :-)
    - B-Rex, http://degradeddamsels.blogspot.com

  2. Hi, I love your stories and touched that you thinking about us followers, but you should think about doing whatever is best for you. Some of us will be fans even if we have to pay