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Dec 5, 2012

Quick Question

Hello my dear followers,
I am in need of some information that can only be gathered from you.
A while ago, I posted information and a link to a story I had been working on. I asked for input and help from you. A few of you came back with some wonderful ideas. I posted a followup a few months ago that I had to pull the story because I am working with a friend on the material. We have been working on it, but I really need to know... for those of you who read my story at that point, how far had the story progressed? Do any of you who read the story, recall what scene the story had progressed up to at that point.
I do not want to give anything away and possibly affect your answers, but I believe that the story had progressed to no further than the scene in the central salon (if it had even gotten that far). If anyone can help on this matter, please leave comments below. I would greatly appreciate your help.
As for the story itself, for those of you interested, it is still progressing and hope to be able to share it with you all sometime in the future. As for now, the story is still under lock and key.


  1. I really enjoyed both your stories, the one on bimbo sanctuary and the one you posted here, and can't wait to see the followup. From memory, I think it did end with the salon.

  2. I believe the last version of the story I read ended with Dolly bringing her sex toys and DVD to show-and-tell in her Sex and Sexuality Class. About 55 pages in. Unless you're talking about a different story.

    In any case, I really love the story, and am looking forward to it being continued in the (hopefully near) future.

    - B-Rex, http://degradeddamsels.blogspot.com

  3. As a follow-up:
    I have added quite a bit to the front end of the story and am working on more to go. I am also working with a friend to possibly illustrate and publish the sections in chapters. As this would be the case, we are hoping to use a literotica-style pricing system. Would you be willing to pay for the story even though you have read a significant portion knowing that it has been added-upon and illustrated or would you be apt to ask for a refund?

  4. Based on your previous reading, I would be happy to pay for the story and drawings