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Jul 25, 2013

Caption Contest about to Begin!

Hey all!
I wanted to finally explain what is going on in my little world. I regret not having gotten back into regular captioning, but have been so busy with life and such. One of my friends kept pestering me to caption something, so we came up with a fun idea. Some of you may be familiar with the the captions of my good friend Jenny Valentine. Well, we decided to have a fun little competition between the two of us starting this Saturday.
In this little contest, I picked two pictures, she picked two pictures, we jointly picked two pictures, and our friend Phoebe picked out one picture. We both captioned all 7 of these pictures and we want to know whose caps you like better. There are going to be individual polls for each picture. I wanted to post them anonymously, but I think our individual styles give us away (plus Jenny likes to 'sign' her work). So, check back soon and please spread the word.

Plus, here is a little sneak-peek. The un-captioned images that Jenny and I so diligently crafted our captions for.


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